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Where to Hang Your Guardian Bell

Guardian Bells can be hung on key rings, backpacks, bikes, rearview mirrors, luggage, doors, IV poles, you name it. Many motorcycle riders hang them from their bikes, and the legend is to hang your bell as low to the ground as possible. The noise of the Guardian Bell is known to ward off any evil spirits.

How do I use my new Guardian Bell Hanger?

If you are hanging it on your motorcycle using one of our hangers, most people will find an existing bolt on the bike and remove it. Then place the hanger behind that bolt (in the big hole), replace the hanger, and use the little hole to hang the keyring for the bell. Many people prefer to hang it from a very low point on the bike, but it will give you luck no matter where you hang it – top, bottom, handlebars, front, back – you name it!

Image Name Price Stock Buy
Claw Hanger $11.99

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Skeleton Hand Hanger $11.99

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Bell Hanger – Stainless Steel $5.95

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Bell Hanger – Black $6.95

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